Database Systems

Don't be fooled by the apparent power of spreadsheets to analyze data.  Spreadsheets are designed to allow the user to change a particular cell value which in turn changes other values in the spreadsheet.  Databases, however, are designed to import, sort, query and display large volumes of data quickly and accurately. 

Distynct Solutions database programmer has years experience extracting data from enterprise applications such as SAP and MAS90 as well as more common software such as QuickBooks and Peachtree.  Once the data is extracted, a side database creates the reports you want to see, not only the reports available in the software.   Data can be imported and exported with the click of a button.

Our internet databases can be controlled through the web or at the local network level.  Applications include:

Product inventory for online catalogs
Remote timekeeping for payroll
Remote expenses recording
Remote salesforce and prospect tracking
Bulk email campaigns and tracking

These custom designed databases give you the flexibility you need to run your business from a data driven perspective.

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